More responses to the question: “What is the Divine Feminine?”

The Divine Feminine NamesShareda Hosein, is a Muslim chaplain bringing people together one conversation at a time. She works with the Association of Muslim Chaplains in Boston, Massachusetts.The Divine has ninety-nine names or attributes according to Muslims. Many of these Divine names are incorporated and recited after the five daily prayers and randomly throughout the day by both women and men. These attributes are both feminine and masculine in nature leaving the Divine … [Read more...]

Blog carnival: links to blogs

1. Clare Dakin, Co-Founder of Tree SistersLink to Clare's blog post on "The Divine Feminine: Celebrating Women"2. Devaa Haley Mitchell, Co-Founder of Soulful Women Wisdom SchoolLink to Davaa's blog post on "Embodying the Divine Feminine - 13 daily tips"3. Margaret Wolff, author  of "In Sweet Company: Conversations with extraordinary women about living a spiritual life"Link to Margaret's blog post on "The Spirit of the Divine Feminine"4. Ann Smith, Co-Founder and D … [Read more...]

October blog carnival! What is “the divine feminine”?

Every month here at The Divine Feminine we plan to have a question around which to base the blogs. Given that this is the first month of our existence, we thought that it would be appropriate to begin with the question: "What IS the Divine Feminine?".The blogs that follow this post (and a few that precede it!), are the posts we received from women who wanted to explore that question. We hope that you will enjoy reading their thoughts and will visit their websites for more!Blessings to … [Read more...]

The Tree In Me

By Jamia Wilson a moment of distress a few months ago, a wise woman confidant told me to find comfort in trees. She told me about how her Buddhist practice led her to understand and celebrate arboreal power. When I explained that negative energies that were swirling around me lowered my frequency and my centeredness, she asked me to contemplate trees. When my sage friend first mentioned it, I wondered how trees could be connected to stresses I de … [Read more...]

What is “the Divine Feminine”?

   by Laura Paskell-BrownI have been taught to write from my head, to research and to reference my sources. That training seems not only insufficient but a hindrance at this moment. The Divine Feminine is not something to be found in books. She must be experienced in the flesh. She is the hand that touches me gently, the hug that envelops me, the tears that drop from my eyes and the fierce strength within me. She is the caretaker and the patient, the pound of a … [Read more...]