I am enough (or Goddammit, I don’t want to sit my PhD comprehensive exam)

Laura Paskell-Brown studies and teaches psychology in New York. She facilitates women’s circles and is active in Women of Spirit and Faith How many times have I opened a women’s magazine and read an article about how I should love my body just the way it is, only to flick the page over to another [Read More...]

Writing from the heart: Divine Feminine – Called by Many Names

Ann Smith is the director of CircleConnections   I know deep within my soul that to embrace the Divine Feminine is the way to save our planet. We know that to bring harmony to humanity the Divine Feminine must be illuminated, praised, loved, honored and prayed to along with the Divine Masculine. We know that [Read More...]

Writing from the heart: Why I Write (Ode to Joan, George & Elie)

Raquel Rios has traveled extensively as a professional development specialist on change leadership, inter-cultural competence, language acquisition, critical literacy and social justice.  She has been writing her blog Real World  since 2005.  She lives in New York with her husband and children. All at once I am alone and one with the rest of the world, [Read More...]