What I Saw on the Porch

In temporary relief from the ongoing telenovella of our impending national election, we habitues of the Front Porch Republic met up last weekend at the architecture building on the campus of the University of Notre Dame for a daylong celebration of "place, limits, liberty." These annual shmoozefests are always a delight, given the wonderful mix of temperaments and the high degree of literacy displayed everywhere. Amidst a certain Spenglerian gloom, hilarity is always breaking out, I dunno quite h … [Read more...]

Can We Just Grow Jobs?

Those of you who know me know I have a few hobby horses I come back to rock on whenever I get the chance. Montessori education. Gardening. Homesteading depopulated upper mid-western cities. Food. Urbanism.I'm back onto homesteading cities today. I've advocated in the past for something like an Urban Homesteading Act. While I still think that or something like it needs to happen, the problem with folks just moving wholesale to American rust belt cities is that there are no or sharply limited … [Read more...]

Now that’s more like it…

All over the United States, poverty and homelessness have been and are being criminalized (as if that makes it stop! Bad Poverty! No biscuit!)  I'm not sure where folks think a family sleeping in a tent are going to go if you kick them out of their tent in the middle of winter.But this is interesting.Apparently Portland, Oregon's Mayor Hales has made it legal to sleep on the sidewalk in Portland between 9pm and 7am.  And now Willamette Week reporters have gone out to test local reaction t … [Read more...]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

This started out as a post on the joy of receiving seed catalogues in deep winter, but didn't get very far. Here's the tl;dw version- If you don't already have your seeds, go here, buy them immediately, and get going. It's time already.Now the thing that kept pulling me away is the other season we've all come to know and love: Primary Season, and it's heating up too. While I find the American political process fascinating to watch unfold, and enjoy the season tremendously- the way that some … [Read more...]