My Most Grievous Fault: The Moral Problem of Wealth

"How can I make you realize the misery of the poor? How can I make you understand that your wealth comes from their weeping?" - St. Basil the Great."Not to share our own wealth with the poor is theft from the poor and deprivation of their means of life; we do not possess our own wealth, but theirs." - St. John ChrysostomIt is always easier to accuse than to confess. But in reality we're all sinners of one sort or another sitting together in the dock. I have long been, and will continue … [Read more...]

Now that’s more like it…

All over the United States, poverty and homelessness have been and are being criminalized (as if that makes it stop! Bad Poverty! No biscuit!)  I'm not sure where folks think a family sleeping in a tent are going to go if you kick them out of their tent in the middle of winter.But this is interesting.Apparently Portland, Oregon's Mayor Hales has made it legal to sleep on the sidewalk in Portland between 9pm and 7am.  And now Willamette Week reporters have gone out to test local reaction t … [Read more...]