Are You Skepical, Faithful, or a Scoundrel? Take the Disquieting Bible Quiz!


Are You Skepical, Faithful, or a Scoundrel? Take the Disquieting Bible Quiz!. … [Read more...]

Where the Heck’ya Been, God Girl?

So .... yeah.About, oh, NINE months ago, I started a new gig as the Faith & Values columnist for the Orange County Register in Southern California. No, I never expected to return to writing for newspapers. But not unlike Don Corleone, the Register's editor made me an offer I simply couldn't refuse. My first day on the job was the day before Pope Benedict XVI retired and a week or so later, I found myself standing in St. Peter's Square staring at the same smoke stack on top of the Sistine … [Read more...]

Dragonflies, Death, and the More

I needed to hear this today. Maybe you do, too. … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Christmas Day sweet friend talks about his song from his latest album, So Beautiful or So What.Dunno about you, but after this Thanksgiving, I'm ready for Christmas day.Lest we wander into maudlin territory, here is a little gem from memory lane:What Mr. Simon was doing on Thanksgiving, 36 years ago. Still crazy wonderful after all these years...[hulu id=idhb4mi6268aefzgzph-mg width=512]  … [Read more...]

That’s Exactly How This Grace Thing Works & Sons - Roll Away Your StoneRoll away your stone, I'll roll away mineTogether we can see what we will findDon't leave me alone at this time,For I am afraid of what I will discover insideYou told me that I would find a hole,Within the fragile substance of my soulAnd I have filled this void with things unreal,And all the while my character it stealsDarkness is a harsh term don't you think?And yet it dominates the things I … [Read more...]

CH-CH-CH-CH CHANGES: News from God Girl

It's easier telling everyone this kind of thing at the same time.This is a good thing. But it's time for me to be going...Below is most of the note I sent to my colleagues at Sojourners earlier today:+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?~ (From Mary Oliver's poem, "The Summer Day")Dear Sojourners friends and colleagues,I have some news to share with you that is difficult (for me at least) but wanted you to … [Read more...]

GG makes a BELIEBER! out of Steve Brown: Listen for yourself!

Ya know, I've been interviewed a lot over the last five or six years and I have to say that, hands down, my favorite venue to be grilled publicly is on the Steve Brown Show. Earlier today I recorded a new episode with "The Old White Guy," as Pastor Brown calls himself, about BELIEBER!  and it was an absolute hoot. The show airs this weekend on the Salem Radio Network (click HERE to find stations and air times), but you can listen to it now by clicking on the link below.GG talks BELIEBER! on … [Read more...]

My Hero: Bubba on the Great Mississippi floods of 2011

Some of you know Bubba (aka John Michael Pillow) from the first chapter ("Bouncing into Graceland") of my book Sin Boldly: A Field Guide For Grace. He's my best good friend of 20+ years and my son's godfather. John Michael is a farmer in Yazoo City, Mississippi and currently, his farmland is a 12,000-acre lake, under six-inches-to-10-feet of water since the Misssippi flooded the Yazoo River and breached its levees.This morning, John Michael appeared on National Public Radio to talk about the … [Read more...]

A Lenten Reflection: (Don’t) Get Up Off Your Knees (John 12:1-8)

"Oh sure, give me the ringer."That was my first reaction when I read the passage from the Gospel of St. John (see below), the scripture that the nice folks who have produced a beautiful new translation of the New Testament — the Common English Bible — invited me to contribute my braindroppings to their Lenten Blog Tour.The eight short verses from the 12th chapter of St. John are among the most difficult in all of the Gospels, one of those passages that seemingly is forever debated by the … [Read more...]

Group hug

 Ok. That's quite enough of that, thank you.Everybody needs a hug.Time to stop arguing (out loud or in your mind).Put down yer Bibles, dictionaries, bats, Greek lexicons, concordances, Hitchens books, stones, furrowed brows and tut-tuts.Find someone.Hug them.Maybe let them hug you?Repeat.  … [Read more...]