My Open Letter to Justin Bieber on

Below is an excerpt from "My Take: An Open Letter to Justin Bieber" posted on today:"...Last year you reached a milestone when you turned 18. You are living in a liminal state, standing at the threshold between childhood and adulthood, still more boy than man.Times of transition and change are difficult for anyone, never mind someone whose every move in public is chronicled by relentless paparazzi and other members of the media. You must be gentle with yourself as you navigate … [Read more...]

What I Literally Would Have Given My Staff for Christmas (If I Figuratively Still Had One)

WWWSD?What would William Safire do?The misuse of "literally" when the speaker or writer means "figuratively" is right up there with employing "impact" as a verb (when not speaking of a molar or a colon or a rogue meteor striking Earth) instead of "affect," or "over" when one literally means "more than." It's even more grating than the perennial misuse (or mis-type) of "their" instead of "there."I was considering getting a literal tattoo of the figurative grammatical sin, but these … [Read more...]

Soul Food

When Sojourners CEO Jim Wallis departed on his three-month sabbatical at the beginning of January, I sent him a list of books, films and music that I thought would nourish his mind and spirit in, perhaps, different ways than the media he normally consumes do.Jim's sabbatical — a true Sabbath in the literal sense — is designed to be a time of rest and, more importantly, rejuvenation. It will also be a creative time when he will be working on a new book.Jim is a creative. A writer. A vis … [Read more...]

GG makes a BELIEBER! out of Steve Brown: Listen for yourself!

Ya know, I've been interviewed a lot over the last five or six years and I have to say that, hands down, my favorite venue to be grilled publicly is on the Steve Brown Show. Earlier today I recorded a new episode with "The Old White Guy," as Pastor Brown calls himself, about BELIEBER!  and it was an absolute hoot. The show airs this weekend on the Salem Radio Network (click HERE to find stations and air times), but you can listen to it now by clicking on the link below.GG talks BELIEBER! on … [Read more...]

GODSTUFF: “Christian” Film? What should be coming to a theater near you

This fall a film based on Donald Miller’s bestselling spiritual memoir, Blue Like Jazz, is expected to hit theaters nationwide. In many ways, Miller’s book is an unlikely subject for a feature film.Blue Like Jazz is a collection of semi-autobiographical short essays based in part on Miller’s experience auditing classes at Reed College in Oregon that explore the author’s wrestling with questions of faith.But the film project is part of a growing trend of adapting well-known “Christian” or … [Read more...]