Cry of a Tiny Baby: Merry Christmas, Everyone!

"The idea that there’s a force of love and logic behind the universe is overwhelming to start with, if you believe it,” he told me in his raspy brogue, sipping black coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. “But the idea that the same love and logic would choose to describe itself as a baby born in shit and straw and poverty is genius. And it brings me to my knees, literally. To me, as a poet, I’m just in awe of that. It makes some sort of poetic sense. It’s the thing that makes me a believer, although it … [Read more...]

UPDATE: The ’06 Bruce Cockburn “God Factor” Interview NOW WITH AUDIO

Original post published in March 2011. Updated Aug. 17, 2012: In the spring of 2006, Farrar, Straus & Giroux published my first book, The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People, which was a collection of 32 "spiritual profiles" of well-known people (I won't say "celebrities" as that label applies awkwardly to many folks in the book) who I had spent time with face-to-face talking about their spiritual lives. I then set out, as you do, promoting the book at … [Read more...]

GODSTUFF: Bruce Cockburn’s “Small Source of Comfort” on the journey

There's roads and there's roadsAnd they call, can't you hear it?Roads of the earthAnd roads of the spiritThe best roads of allAre the ones that aren't certainOne of those is where you'll find meTill they drop the big curtainCanadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn recorded those lyrics in “Child of the Wind” on Christmas Eve 1989.With the release of his 31st album in 40 years, “Small Source of Comfort,” it is obvious that this “child of the wind” continues to travel  uncertai … [Read more...]

Standing on the threshold: Forty.

"World of Wonders"By Bruce CockburnStand on a bridge before the cavern of nightDarkness alive with possibilityNose to this wind full of twinkling lightsTrying to catch the scent of what's coming to be (in this...)World of wonders...Somewhere a saxophone slides through changesLike a wet pipe dripping down my neckGives me a chill -- sounds like dangerBut I can't stop moving till I cross this sector (of this...)World of wonders...There's a rainbow … [Read more...]