Freebies! New Sufjan Stevens track and free (well, almost free) Grace via Kindle &

Free MP3 download of Sufjan Stevens' new song, "Too Much," from his forthcoming (October 2010) new studio album, The Age of Adz.The Age of Adz, Stevens' first album of all-new material since his 2005 opus "Illinois" is described thusly:The Age of Adz (pronounced odds) is Sufjan Stevens’ first full-length collection of original songs since 2005’s civic pop opus Illinois. This new album is probably his most unusual, first, for its lack of conceptual underpinnings, and second, for its pre … [Read more...]

Powerful words on writing fromSt. Freddie of Rupert Speak What We Feel, Not What We Ought to SayBy Frederick Buechner"It is Red Smith who is reported to have said that it is really very easy to be a writer — all you have to do is sit down at the typewriter and open a vein. Typewriters are few and far between these days, and vein-openers have never grown on trees. Good writers, serious writers — by which I mean the writers we remember, the ones who have opened our eyes, maybe even our hearts, to t … [Read more...]