On Justin Bieber’s Annus Horribilis : My Interview with Joshua DuBois


My friend Joshua DuBois writes a column for The Daily Beast. While I haven’t talked publicly about Justin in a long while (as I mentioned earlier I felt I had nothing helpful to say) I trust Joshua as a good man with the heart of a true pastor so I agreed. I’m pleased with the result, which you can read in its entirety HERE. But thought I’d also share the answers I sent him as a few were edited for length, etc.It’s Sunday. Let’s remember our little brother Justin and his family in prayer. … [Read more...]

On Justin Bieber’s Arrest in Miami Beach


Thank God no one was hurt in the alleged drag-racing incident in Miami overnight that led to the pop star's arrest.  But Justin IS hurt. He's been injured in a way that's worse than what could have happened in a car wreck.I had hoped he'd avoid taking this path, the one far-more-traveled-by than the one he should have taken. He can change course, right the ship, and carry on paying it forward. But he's going to need help (divine and human). It's going to take time.And he's … [Read more...]

My Open Letter to Justin Bieber on CNN.com

Below is an excerpt from "My Take: An Open Letter to Justin Bieber" posted on CNN.com today:"...Last year you reached a milestone when you turned 18. You are living in a liminal state, standing at the threshold between childhood and adulthood, still more boy than man.Times of transition and change are difficult for anyone, never mind someone whose every move in public is chronicled by relentless paparazzi and other members of the media. You must be gentle with yourself as you navigate … [Read more...]