GODSTUFF: “The Adjustment Bureau” asks whether it’s possible to change God’s mind

It goes by many names: Kismet. Adrsta. Predestination. Determinism. Destiny. "God's will."The ancient Greeks dubbed it "Moirae" and gave it personality -- Fate. Or, rather, "The Fates," three female supernatural beings who spun, pulled and cut the literal threads of life that controlled when a person was born, what they did with their life and when and how theydied.In an intriguing new film that explores themes of fate, destiny, divine and human (free) will, that same idea is … [Read more...]

A Little Happy: The Coen Bros trailer for their remake of “True Grit”

I smell another Oscar for the Dude.The film opens nationwide on Christmas Day.Woot!Visit the official film site HERE. … [Read more...]