GODSTUFFPFLEGER ISN'T ALONE IN RHETORICAL MISSTEPS. St. John the Divine in Silence/17th-century Russian iconIn the face of silence (as in the absence of proof) we are left with theories.Since Thursday afternoon, when a group of parish leaders from St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church met privately with Cardinal Francis George at the archdiocese’s pastoral center, there has been silence. No one is talking. Not Sabina’s embattled pastor, the Rev. Michael Pfleger. Not the parish’s pastoral associate and … [Read more...]


GODSTUFF: Is He Or Isn’t He? Obama’s Evangelical Question

 While on the presidential campaign trail 30 years ago, someone asked Jimmy Carter a rather indelicate public question:Are you born again?Carter said he was. And the next thing he knew, various media creatures were accusing the Southern Baptist peanut farmer of implying that his political aspirations had a divine imprimatur."I truthfully answered, 'Yes,' assuming all devout Christians were born again, of the Holy Spirit," Carter wrote in his 2005 book, Our Endangered Values: … [Read more...]

THE AUDACITY OF HOPE: OBAMA '08?A few years back, about a week after he'd handily won the Democratic primary in Illinois — long before he gave that famous keynote address at the 2004 DNC and looooooong before the rest of the country knew his "funny" name — I had the opportunity as the religion reporter for the Sun-Times to interview Barack about his spirituality, an interview that eventually made its way as a chapter unto itself in my book, The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public Peo … [Read more...]