My Open Letter to Justin Bieber on

Below is an excerpt from "My Take: An Open Letter to Justin Bieber" posted on today:"...Last year you reached a milestone when you turned 18. You are living in a liminal state, standing at the threshold between childhood and adulthood, still more boy than man.Times of transition and change are difficult for anyone, never mind someone whose every move in public is chronicled by relentless paparazzi and other members of the media. You must be gentle with yourself as you navigate … [Read more...]

GGNFT (Ethiopia Edition): Teddy Afro

God Girl's New Favorite Thing for Oct. 12, 2012:Ethiopian Pop Star Teddy AfroADDIS ABABA — Pretty much everywhere we've gone in Ethiopia this week, we've heard Teddy Afro's voice.The 36-year-old Ethiopian singer whose given name is Tewodros Kassahun or ቴዎድሮስ ካሳሁን in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, is sometimes referred to as the "Michael Jackson of Ethiopia." But, to my ear at least, he's more the equivalent of, say, Ethiopia's Usher (if he were more political, that is.) … [Read more...]

Ethiopia: The Face of God

BAHIR DAR, Ethiopia — When I posted this photograph of a beautiful little Ethiopian girl holding a daisy a few days ago, my friend  and fellow author Christian Piatt responded on Twitter with a four-word comment: "The Face of God."Christian's remark stopped me in my tracks ... because it's absolutely true.The Bible even tells us so.So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. ~ Genesis 1:27When I look into th … [Read more...]

GODSTUFF: Justin Bieber not afraid to use the ‘J-word’

When Justin Bieber strode onto the stage of the GibsonAmphitheatre in Los Angeles on Sunday (Aug. 7) night to accept a TeenChoice Award, he thanked his fans profusely, then quickly turned hisattention to something more eternal."I wanna say that anything is possible if you set your mind to it,"the Canadian superstar said, grasping the award's blue-and-yellowsurfboard that towered over him by several inches. "You gotta keep Godfirst and always remember to keep family … [Read more...]

GODSTUFF: Advice for the Gentleman from New York

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s cybersex scandal is an opportunity for schadenfreude born in late-night-talk-show-monologue heaven.Oh, Anthony. What a spectacular shande, he of the unfortunately appropriate surname. So many jokes, so little time …The congressman has been caught with his pants down (literally), the protagonist of a modern-day morality tale of lust and hubris, set in tragic motion when he exchanged sexually explicit and thoroughly naughty messages with a number of young wom … [Read more...]