U2′s Songs of Transcendence


Sunday evening I did something I haven't done in close to 30 years: I went to an actual record store and bought a brand-new U2 album on vinyl, took it home, pulled out the turntable, put on my headphones, sat on the floor, and stayed up way too late reading the liner notes and listening to the songs over and over again.Lord, how I've missed this particular ritual.When I was a teenager, late Sunday nights were when I indulged my secret pleasure by listening in bed (clandestinely so as not … [Read more...]

Mourning Madiba: Ndiyakuthanda, Tata


I stand here before you not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, the people.~ Nelson Mandela … [Read more...]

Cry of a Tiny Baby: Merry Christmas, Everyone!

"The idea that there’s a force of love and logic behind the universe is overwhelming to start with, if you believe it,” he told me in his raspy brogue, sipping black coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. “But the idea that the same love and logic would choose to describe itself as a baby born in shit and straw and poverty is genius. And it brings me to my knees, literally. To me, as a poet, I’m just in awe of that. It makes some sort of poetic sense. It’s the thing that makes me a believer, although it … [Read more...]

U2′s Joshua Tree: 25 Years in God’s Country

Desert skyDream beneath the desert skyThe rivers run, but soon run dryWe need new dreams tonight~ from "In God's Country" by U2On March 9, 1987, U2 released The Joshua Tree, its fifth studio album and one that would catapult the Irish rock quartet from popularity to international superstardom.Twenty-five years later, today The Joshua Tree is one of the most bestselling albums in history — with more than 25 million copies sold — and is considered to be among the best rock alb … [Read more...]

Jack Heaslip: “What if God is even greater than we think?” (Oh, Yes.)

Our wonderful friend Jack Heaslip (possibly the coolest man alive) gave the church my family attends, Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach, Calif., the most marvelous of gifts last weekend: His presence.Jack, who hails from just north of Dublin in Howth, County Fingal  (by way of County Mayo), Ireland, was our guest at the weekend at on Sunday, blessed us by delivering two poleaxingly beautiful sermons at the morning services. An ordained Anglican clergyman, for the last 15 years of so, … [Read more...]

People of the Second Chance: U2&Faith Quiz Extended Until TUESDAY 9:30 a.m.

Wow.I guess it really is a tough quiz.By the time the quiz expired this a.m., only 10 of you had taken it and the score to beat so far is 65 percent.Meh.So...in the interested of fair play and harmony in the community, I've extended the quiz until TUESDAY AT 9:30 A.M. PSTIf you haven't tried, try again. If you tried and got spanked, try again.I'll even up the ante: Grand Prize is a copy of U2: The Complete Encyclopedia and an authentic back-stage pass (mine) from the … [Read more...]

Friday Swag Bag Grab Quiz: U2 and Faith – Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?

We're a wee bit late celebrating U2's 34th birthday (September 25, 1976), but what the hell. It's never to late for a bit of good Irish craic.Calling all U2 fans:Today's Swag Bag Grab Quiz is in honor of the boys from Dublin and takes a look at the spiritual content of U2's oeuvre.TAKE THE QUIZ BY CLICKING ON THIS LINKAre you a fan? A Superfan?See if you can correctly identify the songs and albums with the lyrics replete with spiritual, biblical and religious images and … [Read more...]

A Little Happy (Redux): Update with video of Bono&Edge talkin’ Spiderman the Musical

Oh that Bono. Stick him in front of a live camera (on morning TV) and he just can't help himself. Such a charming little devil.The musical sounds and looks like it's going to be pretty epic.Tickets go on sale 9 a.m. Sunday via Ticketmaster, fyi. … [Read more...]

A Little Happy: Spiderbono and the Green Edge

Fans of Peter Park and U2 will get a little tease Friday morning when the first song from the long-awaited musical collaboration between director Julie Taymor and Bono and the Edge is unveiled on "Good Morning America."Geoff Boucher at the LATimes blog, Hero Complex, has this report:Peter Parker has always been a hard-luck character so maybe it’s appropriate that his wobbly  ”Spider-Man:  Turn Off the Dark,” has been under a nasty black cloud as the most expensive Broadway production ever … [Read more...]

I've got chillsAnd Adam looks like he's freezing his arse off. But B's in great voice. To see them on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, singing that song ... whoah.HBO is broadcasting the "We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial" LIVE beginning at 2:30 p.m. EST. Click HERE to watch it online. And click HERE to listen live on NPR. … [Read more...]