The Irrationality of Fundamentalism in Progressive Thought

“You have to believe in (insert Church driven dogma) if you want to consider yourself Christian.”The way I see it, progressivism and fundamentalism don't mix. I mean, like oil and water, you can put them together, but ultimately they are much too different to exist together.Sooner or later, they separate.It may be helpful to talk a little about what I mean by “progressive” and “fundamentalist.”Books can (and have) been written on what the two terms mean. So, keep in mind that I … [Read more...]

No Trinity For Me, Please

 This is the second post in a series called: “This Collar Is Too Tight: Heresies From a Southern Minister.” You can read the first post here. The short explanation of this series is this: the institutionalized Church spends a lot of time defining who's in and who's out. Biblically, I find that a lot of the “measures” used, don't hold up. I'm making the argument for a larger acceptance of theological diversity in the Christian Church. As a Christian, I'm a follower of Jesus. … [Read more...]