Talking with VeggieTales Founder Phil Vischer


What does it mean when God gives a dream, and the dream comes true, and then it dies? And what if the dream envelopes a whole lot of people before it dies for them too? And why would a man who achieved early and spectacular business success stop using the word “dream”? [Read more...]

Vocational Courage and Renewal: An Interview with Parker Palmer


Ten years after its first release, Parker Palmer is republishing his book of encouragement for teachers called The Courage to Teach. The book helped countless teachers and other professionals to recover meaning in their work lives, in the midst of troubled, sometimes toxic systems. Recently, The High Calling spoke to Mr. Palmer about helping teachers [Read More...]

A Call to Transform Our Work and Professions

by Stacy Jackson Have you heard the story of the three bricklayers? Preachers often use it to illustrate the different ways we view work. The first bricklayer works hard making money to serve his family. His work primarily provides money to enable him to serve others. The second bricklayer is thankful for the opportunity to use [Read More...]

A Pastor Gets Acupuncture and You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next


by Jason Byassee I’m not the sort of person inclined to try alternative medicine. We vaccinate our kids, we eat gluten, we go to regular doctors and take their pills. But then again I’m also not the kind of person who settles for having a debilitating foot injury at age 40. With an air between bemusement [Read More...]

Challenges and Crises in Seminary and University Education


by Bob Robinson How well do our educational institutions support and promote living out our faith in our work? Not very well, according to two experts who addressed those attending the Faith@Work Summit in Boston this weekend. Paul Williams of Regent College addressed some major problems that he sees in North American seminary education. In [Read More...]

Your Work Is Not as Important as You Want It To Be: A Review of Mark Labberton’s New Book


The American church is in crisis. We have traded Christ’s passion for our own church programs. We have traded the Kingdom of God for the kingdom of politics. We have traded selfless community, existing to worship God and serve others, for selfish community, existing to entertain ourselves and maintain a social club. This is the [Read More...]