Welcome to the Real World: On Redemption, Common Grace, and Sabbath-Keeping


by Laura Boggess “It feels weird after being gone for a while to step back into the same old, same old,” I tell my boys this morning as we eat our breakfast. I have just returned from a retreat in the Texas hill country, at Laity Lodge, where God used water-hands to carve stone into [Read More...]

Balance, Momentum, and Being Centered: Thoughts on Mastering Leadership


by Tamilyn Banno Avid skiers dream of powder. The snow is feathery light, and require a different technique than skiing on a packed surface. Powder can get pretty deep, and some of the best runs are made when it’s piled high. Balance is centered, and momentum is forward; otherwise, the skier sinks and gets stuck [Read More...]

What Are You Hiding at Work?


by Jen Sanbulte We’ve all done it. We’ve gone to work and put on the mask, afraid to be at work who we are in Church on Sunday. We hesitate to give people glimpses into our real life and emotions, because it is messy. Instead, we hide. God called us to be light, but many [Read More...]

Five Ways to be a Christian in the Workplace (and Not Freak Out Human Resources)


by David Rupert “If the salt loses its saltiness, it’s good for nothing.” The policy was given to me on my first day. It was part of a page excerpted from the personnel manual, labeled “Code of Conduct.” In stern language, the code enumerated things like tardiness, overtime, and dress standards. But one line stood [Read More...]

Let It Flow Out: An Interview with N. T. Wright

n.t. wright

Bishop N. T. Wright is arguably one of the most important theologians writing today. He’s published everything from weighty theological tomes like Christian Origins and the Question of God, to accessible commentaries like Paul for Everyone: The Pastoral Letters, to inspirational books like Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope. When N. T. Wright agreed to lead an intimate retreat at [Read More...]

Minds and Bodies, Faith and Work


by Nathan Roberts As I took the Amtrak up to the Faith@Work Summit in Boston, I was working on a paper about the Mind-Body Problem. I don’t want to bore you with academic details, but the gist of the problem is: how do we talk about how the brain––an electrically charged lump of meat––relates to [Read More...]