Disabling Autopilot, Engaging Creativity

One morning on the way to work, I let my mind drift during the drive. When I arrived at the office, I thought to myself, Man, that drive went by fast. I tried to recall something about the journey that would have caused it go faster than usual. But I couldn’t remember a thing! Actually, the whole [Read More…]

Creative Catalysts Help Create Beauty in Our Workplaces

by Makoto Fujimura Over twenty years ago, when I founded International Arts Movement (IAM), I wanted to help nurture a cultural movement toward the integration of faith, art and culture. Initially, I set out to create a connection with artists, musicians, and other artists. I was seeking the highest standard of excellence, with a high level of inquiry toward theological [Read More…]

On Earth As It Is in Heaven: Stewards of Creativity

by Christal M. N. Jenkins One of the greatest stories ever told began with these words: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). The first time I heard those words, I imagined myself surrounded by darkness in the midst of a huge void, and for a moment, time and space stood [Read More…]

Creating Momentum

Ehud took a nation that was at a standstill under foreign rule, and created the momentum not only to get them moving in the right direction, but to regain their independence and stay that way for 80 years. [Read more…]