Let It Flow Out: An Interview with N. T. Wright

Bishop N. T. Wright is arguably one of the most important theologians writing today. He’s published everything from weighty theological tomes like Christian Origins and the Question of God, to accessible commentaries like Paul for Everyone: The Pastoral Letters, to inspirational books like Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope. When N. T. Wright agreed to lead an intimate retreat at [Read More…]

Minds and Bodies, Faith and Work

by Nathan Roberts As I took the Amtrak up to the Faith@Work Summit in Boston, I was working on a paper about the Mind-Body Problem. I don’t want to bore you with academic details, but the gist of the problem is: how do we talk about how the brain––an electrically charged lump of meat––relates to [Read More…]

[VIDEO] How Do We Glorify God in the Workplace?

What does workplace evangelism look like? The idea of witnessing and preaching the Gospel to your co-workers can be intimidating to some. At the same time, there’s no question that the place where we spend a great deal of our time is ripe for (and very much in need of) the harvest. In all honesty, [Read More…]

Want to Be Missional? Equip Those in the Workplace

by Bob Robinson I was recently invited to teach a session of a seminary class called “Pastoral Functions” at an extension of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In this class, the pastors-in-training had been discussing such topics as Worship, Disciplemaking, Evangelism, Visitation, Funerals, Weddings, Pastoral Counseling, Children’s Ministry, etc.—topics we’d expect in a class like this. But [Read More…]