The Surprising Key that Opens the Gift of Work

running and rest

by Keri Wyatt Kent I am currently training for a half marathon. Today, my training consists of not running. I am writing this from the couch. That’s right. Any training schedule for long-distance race will recommend days to run, cross train, lift weights—and at least one day per week of rest. The resting allows the body [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Plug Into Silence


It’s the vacation that defines the meaning of vacation for me. Our family went to a timeshare cottage in a small beach community on the Gulf Coast of Florida nearly every Summer. We only lived about an hour away down the coast, but the trip always took us to an entirely different world. These trips were completely different than the times we visited places like Disney World, Sea World, and Cape Canaveral. [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?


It’s become counter-cultural for us, hasn’t it? This idea of stopping and resting isn’t part of our core beliefs anymore. I don’t know about you, but between my work, family events, and volunteer ministry, it’s not often when I actually get some time off to just… be. When I do (occassionally) get a Saturday free [Read More...]

The Rest of Your Life


by Ed Gungor Learning to work well is great, but working well is not sufficient to create a balanced life; we must also learn how to stop working. That’s called rest. The Hebrews called it taking a Sabbath, and it was on God’s Top Ten List. Scripture says: “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Successful Dead Ends

stress, rest

Perspective. That’s my word for you today. And it’s an important one when it comes to managing stress. Because if you’re anything like me, then one of your largest sources of stress comes from failing to meet other people’s expectations. Have you ever been rejected like the people Howard Butt, Jr. talks about in this [Read More...]

Silence: Resting from Life’s Noise


I think they call it tinnitus – that (nearly) constant buzzing in my ear. I’ve had it for years. Experts say that it could be caused by prolonged exposure to loud sounds, among other reasons. Apparently, something like 50 million Americans have this condition in some form. No matter how I got it, or why I have [Read More...]