How to Live in This Economy

by Ann Voskamp On a Monday during piano lessons, I just sit with the dead at the cemetery. Is there such a thing as a sustainable economy of the soul in this industrial world addicted to speed? Only a wind from the west moves through the granite stones. Leaves fall soundlessly, right to the ground [Read More…]

Resting in the Nap Zone

by Cheryl Smith A few years ago, I had three surgeries within an 18-month time frame, followed by a fourth surgery a year later. During each of my pre-surgery appointments, I talked with nurses about what I could and couldn’t do following surgery. Rest was always on the list of do’s. In fact, I distinctly [Read More…]

The Surprising Key that Opens the Gift of Work

by Keri Wyatt Kent I am currently training for a half marathon. Today, my training consists of not running. I am writing this from the couch. That’s right. Any training schedule for long-distance race will recommend days to run, cross train, lift weights—and at least one day per week of rest. The resting allows the body [Read More…]

[VIDEO] Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?

It’s become counter-cultural for us, hasn’t it? This idea of stopping and resting isn’t part of our core beliefs anymore. I don’t know about you, but between my work, family events, and volunteer ministry, it’s not often when I actually get some time off to just… be. When I do (occassionally) get a Saturday free [Read More…]

The Rest of Your Life

by Ed Gungor Learning to work well is great, but working well is not sufficient to create a balanced life; we must also learn how to stop working. That’s called rest. The Hebrews called it taking a Sabbath, and it was on God’s Top Ten List. Scripture says: “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it [Read More…]