The Humanist Hour #57: Jean Shepherd, In God We Trust (All Others Pay Cash)

Listen to the magical monologist, Jean Shepherd, read an excerpt from his 1966 book, “In God We Trust (All Others Pay Cash),” which originally appeared in the December 1965 edition of Playboy. [Read more…]

HNN#25: The Golden Compass & The Geography of Nowhere

In this month’s audio podcast Humanist Network News interviews author Philip Pullman about the religious protest of The Golden Compass, a new film based on his fantasy novel. Also, suburban sprawl critic James Howard Kunstler speaks to HNN about how and why Americans need to re-think the spaces they inhabit. [Read more…]

HNN #16: Geomythology, Rational Rap & Mr. Deity

In HNN Audio Podcast #16, we speak to a geomythologist, a rational rapper, and The Almighty Himself, Mr. Deity. Guests: Adrienne Mayor, Greydon Square, Brian Dalton. [Read more…]