Between #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter: Being Called to Conversion

Earlier today, we posted an image applying a quote from Pope Francis’s Evangelii Gaudium to the current discussion about the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, under the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. #BlackLivesMatter: there cannot be peace unless we're all in it together.— The Jesuit Post (@TheJesuitPost) December 5, 2014We got some replies that suggested a better hashtag would have been #AllLivesMatter. If you search that hashtag, you’ll find that there are … [Read more...]

Some Catholics

Some Catholics are the priest on the south side of Chicago who went up to a crack house at midnight, knocked on the door and told the people inside to shut it down and leave his parish. Some Catholics are the military couple who recently ushered their seven sons and daughters into the middle of a bright cafeteria of retired missionaries and cued them to sing for the old men. Some Catholics are the spiritually obstructed man who was advised by a priest to stop wringing his hands in agitation … [Read more...]

Jesuit Superior General intends to retire

We've got David Bowie playing on repeat over at TJP.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!The worldwide head of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás announced this morning that he intends to retire and will call a General Congregation for the Society of Jesus in 2016.  This announcement follows a recent trend of Church leaders whose prayer and discernment have lead them to conclude that the demands of running international organizations requires more energy than they can provide.  You can read more abo … [Read more...]

What Martyrdom Means

Editor's Note: A Jesuit, Fr. Frans van de Lugt, S.J., was martyred in Syria one week ago. In an effort to understand what happened and what it means Paddy Gilger, S.J. wrote the following for America Magazine. The beginning of that article is excerpted here. Fr. Frans van de Lugt, S.J.—who on April 7 was shot in the head, twice, in front of his home in the city of Homs, Syria—had been living under siege for twenty months when, in January, he recorded a video message challenging the o … [Read more...]

Loving Your Enemies: Finding Mercy for Fred Phelps

Most of us are by now aware that Fred Phelps, Sr. has died. In his role as pastor of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church Mr. Phelps has been widely vilified, and his death even eagerly anticipated. Over at TJP's main site, and in light of Mr. Phelps death, Jason Welle asks how deep our call to love our enemies runs. Many people would like to see Fred Phelps, Sr. dead.More, they’d like him to suffer while he dies. He, along with Westboro Baptist Church that he founded, has caused real hurt a … [Read more...]

“Jesus: A Pilgrimage” — Exclusive Excerpt from Fr. James Martin’s New Book and More

At the main TJP site, we have an exclusive excerpt from Fr. James Martin, SJ's new Jesus: A Pilgrimage, released today: As I stood under the broiling sun, I was gobsmacked to see rocks, thorns and fertile ground. No one planted the thorn bushes, carted in topsoil or arranged the stones to make the locale look as it did in Jesus’s time, as if we were in a theme park called Jesus Land. They were just there.It dawned on me that when Jesus used objects from nature to convey his message—seeds, ro … [Read more...]