Oh, look! Witches are media darlings. AGAIN. (SIGH)

craft circle

Remember the late 1990s? THE CRAFT? Then CHARMED? Then BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? Then THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT? Then all the witchcraft stuff appearing in episodes of shows like THE X-FILES, MILLENNIUM, etc.?To quote one of the creepier moments of TWIN PEAKS: "It is happening again. It is happening right now."Just in time for Hallowe'en. Heh heh heh.Thanks to The Guardian for pointing out what should have been gradually becoming obvious to most of us these last few weeks. Witches and … [Read more...]

This just in: CHARMED retread coming to CBS


Well, I guess television has found witches to be hot properties once again (in case you haven't heard about the wild popularity of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN) these last three weeks. Variety reports that CHARMED will get a reboot from CBS.It will be a "reimagining" which means there may be changes in the story. But I am guessing we'll still have four sisters (three at first, joined by a fourth, since it was loosely based on the same plot point from the 1996 film THE CRAFT) and they'll be … [Read more...]

Samhain, Hallowe’en…are both worth celebrating?


Seventeen years ago, I wrote an article for The Witches' Voice website that would end up being the first in a series on seasonal pagan holidays, and which also became one of the site's most read articles ever. It was called "You Call it Hallowe'en, We Call it Samhain" and it looks at some of the mythology, folklore and tradition behind this holiday in its sacred and secular contexts.I've noticed over the years that, despite wanting to observe Samhain as a solemn festival that remembers our … [Read more...]

American Horror Story: COVEN Reinvents the Witch Archetype


The Media Witch has been bewitched.No, I mean that. Two episodes into this season on American Horror Story (COVEN) and I am enamored of its slick arty look, its take no prisoners daring, its outrageous disregard for history, and its shameless envelope-pushing. I mean, hey. Why have a hot television show that’s not at least somewhat controversial?I know, as a media critic and practicing witch and activist, that I am supposed to be overtly critical of media portrayals that trumpet the “ … [Read more...]

Live Video Discussion! AHS COVEN Episode 2, “Boy Parts”

American Horror Story: Coven trailer 3(Screengrab)

Last night Lilith Dorsey (of Voodoo Universe), Tehron Gillis, Jason Mankey (of Raise the Horns) enjoyed chatting about the latest episode of American Horror Story: COVEN.It was a lively conversation about fried chicken, zombies, and, of course, boy parts. It was a Google Hang Out on Air, which we broadcast live to Youtube and is now archived there. Check it out!We'll be following up with a new live chat every week, so stay tuned, and join us or listen in afterwards via the Youtube link. … [Read more...]

Live Google On Air chat about AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN


Last week's live video chat with Lilith Dorsey, Tehron Gillis, Amanda and myself was great! But we could not figure out how to share the archived chat. So we will be using Google Plus Hang Outs On Air which broadcast to my Youtube channel. Please join our chat on https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_ at 8 pm EST, or if you prefer you can watch the video later, I will post the link here. The chat title will have the words "Coven" and "Boy Parts" in it to make it easier to find.I am late with my … [Read more...]



Hello friends! I sure hope you're looking forward to the season premiere tonight of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN. I know I am.Tomorrow night, at 8 pm EST, my friend and fellow Patheos blogger Lilith Dorsey, a New York-based voodoo priestess who has strong ties to New Orleans, will be having a live Google Hang Out chat about the show's first episode. We scheduled it and everything! You just have to show up. :)I will be posting a write-up of my reaction to the show tomorrow, … [Read more...]

EW sez: AHS COVEN is accessible and…funny?


So, some lucky critics got to see a preview of AMERICA HORROR STORY: COVEN recently, and the verdict from Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd is that it is the best (read: most accessible and "least weird") season yet. Apparently there is even some comedy to lighten the mood!The lucky critics also got to ask series creator Ryan Murphy a few questions (jealous!) and he offered some tantalizing factoids and ideas. For example, about the witch characters and the promised erotic content the … [Read more...]

THE WICKER MAN: once thought to be “rubbish” and “undistributable”


Are you ready for The Wicker Man: Final Cut? It's out this Friday!!!To get you psyched, here are some wise and weird tales from the film's original artists.This new interview from The Guardian offers some wonderfully illuminating and delicious details from the makers of the 1973's cult classic The Wicker Man.Like this tidbit from music director Gary Carpenter:We called ourselves Magnet and got into Paul's soundworld very quickly. We were interested in this semi-mystical occult … [Read more...]