DEVIL’S KNOT: Reviews coming in from Toronto Film Festival

Devil’s Knot, the feature narrative film about the West Memphis Three, is beginning to receive its first industry reviews from its premiere screenings at the Toronto Film Festival. The Three were convicted of murdering children during a Satanic ritual, but they claimed innocence and were released in 2011 after new DNA evidence came to light. Some advocates of the Three see them as victims of a modern-day witch hunt. [Read more…]

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New Releases and Premieres: PL3, Kill List and Paranorman

This week sees the release of a number of DVDs that many pagans and pagan-friendly folks will want to have in their collection. Most significant is the release of the Oscar-nominated documentary film Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory. This third film in a trilogy ties up the story of the West Memphis Three, although it did [Read More…]

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Casting of DEVIL’S KNOT near complete

Devil’s Knot, the film based upon journalist Mara Leveritt’s book exploring the case of the West Memphis Three, will begin shooting next week. Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter, Chloe) is directing, which promises and intelligent and sensitive rendering of the material. One of the first casting decisions announced was Reese Witherspoon as [Read More…]

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