David Bowie: Mystic, Magician, Wizard, Shaman, Shape-Shifter, Pagan, God

  It’s stunning to behold the widespread grief and admiration being expressed across social media today, as millions learn of the death of one of popular music’s most beloved icons. David Bowie was a shape-shifter of the highest order, creating unusual and glamorous personae decades before theatrical costumes became the norm in popular music. Bowie [Read More…]

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Welcome to the Twenty-First Century Satanic Panic

Satanic Ritual Abuse. Hey, didn’t we figure out more than a few years ago what a crock it was? Well, unfortunately there’s a whole new generation of gullible people who haven’t been exposed to the debunking, and a whole bunch of trouble-makers who want to spread these insane rumors all over again. [Read more…]

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Cult Occult Films…Occult Films About Cults? Occult Films with Cult Followings? (Head Explodes)

From the excellent website and blog AV Club, I found a thoughtful review of a little-known and seldom seen 1972 film by George Romero called Season of the Witch (also known as Hungry Wives). AV Club’s Keith Phipps says, “It’s loaded with references to the occult, but owes as much to Betty Friedan as Anton LaVey.” [Read More…]

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