A Cinema of Evil: Hollywood’s Love Affair with Witchcraft & the Occult

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square. This month we’re asking: Has Hollywood Become Our National Conscience? Read other perspectives here. There can be no denying that contemporary¬†culture is fascinated by horror. This popular genre of literature, film and TV has many sub-categories: supernatural, paranormal, monsters, ghosts, the undead, serial killers, [Read More…]

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Welcome to the Twenty-First Century Satanic Panic

Satanic Ritual Abuse. Hey, didn’t we figure out more than a few years ago what a crock it was? Well, unfortunately there’s a whole new generation of gullible people who haven’t been exposed to the debunking, and a whole bunch of trouble-makers who want to spread these insane rumors all over again. [Read more…]

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DEVIL’S KNOT: Reviews coming in from Toronto Film Festival

Devil’s Knot, the feature narrative film about the West Memphis Three, is beginning to receive its first industry reviews from its premiere screenings at the Toronto Film Festival. The Three were convicted of murdering children during a Satanic ritual, but they claimed innocence and were released in 2011 after new DNA evidence came to light. Some advocates of the Three see them as victims of a modern-day witch hunt. [Read more…]

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