Robin Hardy, Director of Iconic Pagan Film THE WICKER MAN, has Died

Robin Hardy, who died yesterday in England, was 86. Hardy’s most notable achievement as a filmmaker was as director of the critically-acclaimed and controversial 1973 horror film The Wicker Man. Part mystery, part thriller, part horror, part musical, the film has earned accolades from diverse fans: Cinefantastique Magazine devoted an entire issue to it, and called [Read More…]

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You Call it May Day, We Call it Beltane

The season of spring has arrived! The rites of fertility have begun! This is a holiday with a colorful past, and strangely enough, one of the only major festivals on the pagan calendar which has never been Christianized. [Read more…]

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The Art of Human Sacrifice

Although it takes place in the days leading up to Beltane, the 1973 film THE WICKER MAN might as well take place at Lammas, which is a traditionally a pagan festival associated with sacrifice. So it’s deliciously appropriate that the news of a newly-discovered complete print of this cult cinema classic (and required viewing for all of the pagan persuasion) should be announced in time for this festival of first fruits. [Read more…]

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