What Can We Learn from the Millennials Leaving the Church in Droves? Part 5

Before we dive in, I want to thank you all for offering helpful feedback during this series. Through Tweets and DM’s, comments and texts, emails and phone calls, my thinking has been tremendously shaped by people interacting with my posts. One of the reasons why I blog is to get feedback on ideas that are swimming around in my head. That’s not a bad place for ideas to begin, but it’s a terrible place for them to be kept. So thanks for the affirming and critical responses. I’ve learned a great dea … [Read more...]

Why Millennials Might Be Leaving the Church in Droves for the Wrong Reasons: Part 4

I  suggested in my last post that what we’re talking about here is largely (though not exclusively) a white problem. Instead of adding the word “white” to everything I say, though, I’ll just stick to the terms “Millennial” and “church” with the understanding that what we’re talking about may not apply to churches made up of racial minorities.In this post, I want to turn things around a bit and expand on a comment I made in passing in my second blog of this series. I said: “I…believe that at … [Read more...]

Why Are White Millennials Leaving White Church in Droves?

I guess this could be subtitled “part 4” of my current series. But since I’m shifting gears a bit, I decided to let it sit as a stand alone, yet related, blog.After reading my first post in the series, my friend Derwin Gray Tweeted me a message saying that the flood of Millennials leaving the church is largely a white problem. African-American, Asian, and Hispanic churches aren’t generally experiencing the same exodus.This intrigued me. My immediate hunch was that he was right. Partly bec … [Read more...]

Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church in Droves? Part 3

Millennials are leaving the church for all sorts of reasons. And as I showed in a previous blog, there are different types of Leavers. However, after combing through various books and studies on the topic, all of which consist of extensive surveys and interviews of people who have left, I’m struck by the common reasons that keep popping up. What I've found was not a bunch of immature and selfish desires that were unmet at church. And I didn’t see a large number of people leaving because they dis … [Read more...]

Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church in Droves? Part 2

In my last post, I pointed out that millennials (18-29 year olds) are fleeing the church. Again, it’s not that I’ve based this on a few anecdotal stories. It’s not that I’ve read one or two surveys that have argued this. The evidence is overwhelming,confirmed by many independent surveys and interviews that have used both quantitative and qualitative research. The question isn’t if millennials are leaving. The questions are why, and what should the church do about it? (I've recently come t … [Read more...]

Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church in Droves? Part 1

There’s no dispute. There are no conflicting reports. They all independently show—and anecdotal evidence confirms—that millennials who grew up in the church are leaving the church in droves.According to Rainer Research, 70% of youth, who were active in youth group, leave the church by the time they’re 22 years old. Based on the current rate of departure, Barna estimates that 80% of those raised in the church will be disengaged by the time they’re 29 years old. Sever other studies and surveys … [Read more...]

If Your Church Closed Its Doors, Would the Neighborhood Care?

I want to talk about why millennials are fleeing the church in droves. But first, let’s circle back around to a question I raised at the end of a blog last week. Regarding discipleship, I said: “I wonder if we’ve elevated certain pet aspects of personal morality over communal and social action.” Can someone be a disciple if they remain sexually pure before marriage and yet have no heart for the poor?Is a faithful disciple one who has a perfect church attendance and leads two Bible studies, b … [Read more...]