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"What are the Boundaries of the Central Truths of Christianity?" Guest Contributor, Josh Wise

What a cool thing it is to connect with so many people, from so many places, and with so many perspectives.  This is a post that was birthed out of my OPEN MIC blog post (BTW- still accepting submission ideas).  I want to hear from others, about how God is at work in their own [Read More…]

Open Mic: A Chance for You to Contribute to a Post!

This is a new post series I will do from time to time called: Open Mic.  Here is the point — I want to hear from you!  What theological, church, cultural, or social justice issues are you thinking about these days?  You can comment on this post by writing a 200-700 word blog-style-essay that will [Read More…]

Quotes to Ponder: Early Church on Empire and Violence

Since I have been on the topic of empire/nationalism/violence/military lately, I thought I’d throw out some quotes,  from the period between the Apostles and Constantine, that have challenged me.  It is historically undeniable that the early church of the first three centuries was against employing violence in any situation.  Something that is frustrating at times [Read More…]