Video Interview: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove ("New Monasticism" author), pt 1

I recently had the opportunity to chat via Skype with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.  We discuss everything from his story, to the New Monasticism Movement, to his latest book: “The Wisdom of Stability: Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture.”  He is also the author of: “God’s Economy: Redefining the Health and Wealth Gospel,” “New Monasticism: What it [Read More...]

Scrapping the Offering from our Worship Gatherings (Guest Post: Al Molineaux)

What a cool thing it is to connect with so many people, from so many places, and with so many perspectives.  I want to hear from others, about how God is at work in their own theological, philosophical, cultural, and social ethics journey.  For contribution opportunities, go here.  I personally do not endorse everything that [Read More...]

Liberating Women for Ministry! part 5 (Closing Thoughts)

UPDATE: I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED PART 5 BEFORE PART 4! PLEASE READ PART 4 FIRST IF YOU CAN OR GO BACK AND READ IT! This is a series about women in ministry.  I have found that in most evangelical circles, women who are in ministry do not have the same opportunities as men.  Why is this?  [Read More...]

Dear Critics of my Sojo July 4th Article: An Open Letter to Mark Tooley and Others

The following is an open letter to Mark Tooley and others who have criticized my Sojourners Article about the 4th of July.  Mark is the president of the “Institute on Religion and Democracy” (where his reflection on my article is posted) and also writes for “The American Spectator.” See either link for the relevant article. [Read More...]