Watch This… I Laughed So Hard I Cried!!!!! (Antoine Dodson, Web Sensation)

I want to introduce you to internet sensation Antoine Dodson.  His videos will make your heart smile!  Now, the reason behind this original news story is sad, but what came out of it is quite possibly the most hilarious thing you will see all month.  Take five minutes or so and watch the three following [Read More...]

Biggness, Smallness, and the Image of God – Reflections on God as Creator, part 1

When we consider how incredibly vast the universe really is, we become confronted by two realities simultaneously: our smallness, and God’s bigness.  In comparison to the size of everything that God has caused into existence (my life, my story…your life, your story) is very, very small.  On the flip-side, if we consider that the size [Read More...]

So, What's The Story Anyway? A Brief Intro to Narrative Theology

Many of you have probably heard language on this blog and in the Christian-world about narrative or storied approaches to the bible.  In my previous post, I have equipped you with some tools to dig into and “enter” this conversation.  I encourage you to read through these books one by one because it will lay [Read More...]

Entering the… "Understanding the Bible as Story" Conversation

Today I want to simply create a list of resources that in my opinion, could help someone enter into the “understanding the Bible as Story” conversation.  Now I do not want to claim that this list is complete or as immaculate as the Virgin Mary, but I do want to suggest that these resources are [Read More...]