What Would Happen if Science Proved Cows Literally Love Jesus? (Quote to Ponder)

“Research could prove that cows love Jesus, and the line at McDonald’s drive-through wouldn’t be one sagging carload shorter the next day.” (BR Meyers in The Atlantic, as quoted by Matthew Scully in CAFO Reader, 27) [Read more…]

St. Francis Day: A Worship Song Contest and a Resource

This comes from our friends at the Humane Society Faith Outreach!  With St. Francis Day coming, they have organized a couple of opportunities for church leaders to get plugged into. 1) Resouce St. Francis Day in a Box is a great resource for church leaders.  Only costs $15… and believe me, you get way more [Read More…]

The Nonviolence of the Kingdom… Towards Animals (Ben DeVries)

In Lincoln’s Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness, Joshua Wolf Shenk mentions an aspect of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood which I recognized in my own early development, an innate sensitivity.  Shenk adds that this sensitivity extended beyond the realm of solely human interest: He also took up a popular cause among sensitive [Read More…]

The Farmer Who Changed His Mind!

Here’s a wonderful video by the folks at Chipotle that illustrates an important point about how we treat animals in the farming industry… [Read more…]