Just Passin’ Through? (What the Bible says about the “end” of the world)

This month’s edition of Mennonite Brethren Harald (Canada based) features an article that I wrote about the “end” times.  I thought I’d share the introduction with you here.  If you would like to read the whole article, you can follow the link provided.  Also, here are my “Recommended Resources” that continue to inform my view [Read More...]

Tell me what your reading on the web this week (help create my “weekly reader” post)

I want to hear from you!  What blog posts, articles, stories, videos, etc are you engaging with this week?  Share them here and I will compile a list each week to share as a blog post at the end of the week. What blogs got you excited to serve Jesus? Which ticked you off? Any [Read More...]

For First Time Visitors Only (Thanks for Reading my Article at Relevant)

If you are visiting this site for the first time because you saw my article called “Why are Christians Unoriginal?” at Relevant Magazine, thanks for checking in!  Here’s some articles to start with: You Might Be An Evangelical Reject If… Coming Out of the Theological Closet I’m Done With Living Like a Christian God’s Middle [Read More...]

Relevant Magazine: Why Christians are Unoriginal?

Check out my first ever contribution to Relevant Magazine’s blog! Please share it with FB and Twitter like crazy!  ————————– Faith doesn’t have to be defined by second-rate alternatives. Christian culture is known for its alternatives. For any student in high school ministries around the turn of the millennium, posters in the youth room gave [Read More...]