It’s time to Heal the Gospel of God the Moral Monster

  The new book *Healing the Gospel* (Cascade Books, 2012) challenges the way many of us have learned to understand the cross, and at the same time the hurtful image of God behind it, arguing instead for a view based on God’s enemy love and restorative justice. In this post, author Derek Flood answers some [Read More...]

The Beautiful Victory of the Cross and the Table of Aslan

Last week, I wrote about my belief that the cross is too beautiful to fit many popular theologies.  It isn’t beautiful in itself, for a Roman cross represents the power of Empire, a power that is always opposed to the way of Jesus.  Rather, the beauty is in the One who chose to endure unjust [Read More...]

The Cross is Too Beautiful for That! PS – God Isn’t Angry Either

  The cross is too beautiful for that. It’s too beautiful to be reduced to a simple explanation.  It’s too beautiful to finally “figure out.”  It’s too beautiful to capture in a simple tract.  It’s too beautiful to proclaim with a megaphone and a picket sign.  It’s too beautiful to be turned upside-down to be [Read More...]

Resource of the Week: Recovering the Scandal of the Cross

Every week I’m going to post a blog that simply points you to the “resource of the week.”  It will be: theological, political, social justice focused, church ministry related, or some other random thing that I think will help Christ-followers in the journey. This week, I want to point your attention to an important book: [Read More...]