Why Universal Salvation is an Evangelical Option… Sort Of ("Friendly Friday" post: David Bunce)

photo © 2008 Chuck Coker | more info (via: Wylio)   Whispers have reached Scotland that Rob Bell has written a new book. Something to do with salvation and hell and heaven. The word on the street is this new book (which I gather suggests that the Christian God is known for his love and [Read More...]

Views of the Cross and Asian American Mission

I want to invite you to read a quick pdf file that is titled: Why Penal Substitution Doesn’t Work with Asian-Americans, by Mako Nagasawa.  This will take you maybe five minutes but is completely worth it.  If you don’t, the rest of this post may not make complete sense. A disclaimer I should start with [Read More...]

Atonement? Do Jesus' Words Get Priority and Do They Demonstrate the Rest of the NT as Heresy?

For the last couple of days, a kind man named Robert Roberg has been commenting on a post on the Atonement from just after Easter. If I am understanding him correctly, he believes that only the actual words of Jesus are authoritative and that the other parts of Scripture are simply commentary. Anything that seems [Read More...]

Discussing the Atonement When Its No Longer Cool!

I have been doing some thinking about the atonement in recent months and even though I am behind the trend of making this a focus during Lent leading up to Easter, I decided to blog about it anyway J .  At seminary, I have a professor who has pushed me to think outside of the [Read More...]