Patheos Turns 5: my top 5 posts ever…check them out! #Patheos5Yrs

I want to start out by saying how grateful I am for the opportunity to blog at It was just over three years ago when they approached me about such an arrangement. I actually tried to talk them out of it in some ways, as I let them know that I was just having [Read More...]

Friendly Reminder: Google Reader is disappearing on Monday… switch to Feedly!

Many of you have noticed that I haven’t been writing as often for the past couple of months. That will hopefully change toward the backend of summer. I’m in the midst of several life changes. I ended a job, will start a new job, am planting a church, moving 950 miles to a new city [Read More...]

Jesus + Nothing = Everything

As we attempt to appropriately interpret Scripture and live in relationship with the Spirit of Jesus, we must keep in mind that it is not our ideas or beliefs that we cling to, but Jesus himself. [Read more...]

How to break out of a creative rut!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest [Read more...]