Brian McLaren on Honest Conversation With Other Religions

Brian McLaren’s has written a new book called:Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? I have not read this book yet, but hope to in the near future. Below, is a video based around the general themes of the book. What do you think about his basic approach to engaging in [Read More...]

The Disturbing Message of the Kingdom (Brian McLaren)

What are your thoughts on this video??? [Read more...]

New Worship Songs for Progressive Christian Faith Communities (Brian Brandsmeier)

Progressive Christianity has a lot of things in its favor: thoughtful theology, rich tradition, social engagement, etc. But too often it’s missing one important factor: passion. Some people probably gravitate to more conservative churches because, frankly, they’re bored and uninspired by worship at progressive churches. But it’s possible to be progressive and passionate. One important [Read More...]

The Worship Industry (Brian McLaren)

I was at Derek Webb’s blog and came across this Youtube video by Brian McLaren on worship.  Check it out and let me know – What is Brian’s thesis? and  Is it true? [Read more...]