My experience at a Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church

Provide a brief description of the congregation’s composition.  Would you classify it as being homogeneous in any social, ethnic, economic, or age category?  Or is the group heterogeneous?  What seems to draw these people to this worshiping community? This church is nearly homogenous in its ethnic category.  Coptic Christians are uniquely connected to Egyptian culture.  [Read More...]

Thin Places and the Missional Church: Practices that shape intentional faith communities

When I attended / taught a seminar at Soularize this past October, I had the opportunity to hang out with several like-minded people that I’d only known on the web. One such person is a great guy named Jon Huckins. He writes prolifically, especially on issues surrounding the violence in the Holy Land (check out [Read More...]

Why singing “Our God is Greater” *might* make our God seem less great

There’s a song that has now made its rounds in the evangelical church circuit. This song is commendable on many levels. First, the melody is catchy. If you haven’t listened to or sung this worship tune, you can check it out here: Second, it’s a song with lyrics that are all quite true. I will [Read More...]

What is your favorite version of the Bible and why?

What is your favorite version of the Bible and why? I recently made a switch. For the past couple of years I’ve been very happy with “today’s new international version” because of several factors (and its new form in the NIV 2011). First, I always look for a gender inclusive translation as this is more [Read More...]