A fresh expression of biblical art: the old and new project

Over the past couple of years I’ve enjoyed interacting with Jim Lepage about faith, media, and art.  He and Troy DeShano just launched a new collaborative Bible design project called The Old & New Project. They have an amazing roster of international illustrators, artists and designers from all different faith perspectives contributing biblical artwork for [Read More...]

“Does once saved always saved apply even though he became an atheist?”

I stand at the graveside of a young student. Fifteen years old. Dead in an instant. Skateboarding on a foggy night and a car that never even saw a faint shadow, until it was too late. I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. I’ve met this kid only one time and he attended youth [Read More...]

It’s all about the numbers: changing how we measure success in the church

It’s all about the numbers… I remember it well. It was the second month at my first full-time youth ministry job. I had inherited a ministry of about 20 students that had gone through turmoil and transition. These students had seen a youth pastor come and go within one year’s time. They then found themselves [Read More...]

Elements in Surveying a Neighborhood in Church Planting

I’m in the middle of a church planting class.  I thought I’d share my notes on how to survey a neighborhood, in other words, how to understand the context (either a neighborhood or a particular niche community) in which you plant to plant a church.  In what follows are my notes.  Yes, they are raw.  [Read More...]