Elements in Surveying a Neighborhood in Church Planting

I’m in the middle of a church planting class.  I thought I’d share my notes on how to survey a neighborhood, in other words, how to understand the context (either a neighborhood or a particular niche community) in which you plant to plant a church.  In what follows are my notes.  Yes, they are raw.  [Read More...]

Why Do People Plant Churches? Common Answers

I am currently sitting under Juliet Kilpin and Stuart Murray in a Church Planting course.  Excellent stuff! We are focusing on the realities created by Post-Christendom, which is clear in the UK and starting to bubble up in urban centers across North America. (PS – GET IN ON SOME CHURCH PLANT TRAINING THIS SATURDAY VIA [Read More...]

Missional Anabaptist Church Planting Conference w/ Stuart Murray in So. Cal (or webcast)

What does it mean to follow Jesus in a changing culture, in which the Christian story is no longer familiar and the church is on the margins? Post-­Christendom is well advanced in most western societies and this is the emerging reality in the US too. How do we respond to the challenges and seize the [Read More...]

The Book of Common Prayer in 4 Minutes (funny and helpful)

The Book of Common Prayer. Compelling. Beautiful. Yet Daunting! Episcopal priest, the Rev. Matthew Moretz, presents the Book of Common Prayer in its entirety in four (4) minutes, with the help of his friend, Jehosephat. The Book of Common Prayer is the key worship resource for the people of the Episcopal Church. And it is [Read More...]