NT Wright rightly reflects on the Church of England’s choice against women bishops

In the first part of the article, NT Wright demonstrates (importantly) that the reasoning for wanting women to have the chance to be bishops is NOT a matter of progress, but of good biblical exegesis. Those who argue that the church needs to “get with the times” hurts their argument amongst their critics. His description [Read More…]

Forest Gardens and the Unexpected Church

Last week I was driving home from leading a training session in the of North of England in our new car. Hoping to listen to some music on the radio I switched on the stereo system. Having only collected the vehicle that morning I hadn’t worked out how to change radio channels yet and was [Read More…]

Which Scriptures shape your foundation?

Over the past year, I’ve connected with a fellow Anabaptist brotha, Marty Troyer. He is known online as the Peace Pastor and writes some killer (no pun intended) stuff! One article, he wrote for my blog, became one of the most popular guest articles on Pangea of all time (Indicting Violence: A Pacifist Review of [Read More…]

If I wasn’t Anabaptist, I’d probably become Anglican – Reflections on an ancient-future faith orientation

The more I’ve experienced the worship of high church liturgy, the more I’ve found myself caught up in the mystery of God’s love. I love the smells and bells of a Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican/Episcopal worship gathering. In fact, if I wasn’t Anabaptist… I’d probably become Anglican. [Read more…]