Which Scriptures shape your foundation?

Over the past year, I’ve connected with a fellow Anabaptist brotha, Marty Troyer. He is known online as the Peace Pastor and writes some killer (no pun intended) stuff! One article, he wrote for my blog, became one of the most popular guest articles on Pangea of all time (Indicting Violence: A Pacifist Review of [Read More…]

If I wasn’t Anabaptist, I’d probably become Anglican – Reflections on an ancient-future faith orientation

The more I’ve experienced the worship of high church liturgy, the more I’ve found myself caught up in the mystery of God’s love. I love the smells and bells of a Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican/Episcopal worship gathering. In fact, if I wasn’t Anabaptist… I’d probably become Anglican. [Read more…]

Developing a Culture of Creativity in Your Church

When you read the word creativity, what comes to mind? If I put it in context and said to you, ‘John’s very creative’ what would you think? Would you think John was an artist, maybe a musician? What if I added the fact that John was a Pastor? Would that change how what you thought [Read More…]

Church Plant Journal #3: Prayer Partners (#SeattlePlant2013)

In the summer of 2013, I will be relocating with my wife and a core team of folks to Seattle to inaugurate a church planting movement. Prayer is one way that you can get involved. We need this dream to be bathed in prayer! *I should add, that if you subscribe to this blog via [Read More…]