Logos 6: Why I’m a Big Fan

There are several ways to do bible study. The old fashion way, with a Bible, books, and journal works just fine. You can highlight, crease your favorite pages, and write notes. There’s something humanizing about this slow process of study. For those who are not worried about expediting study time, this post is probably not [Read More...]

Two Preaching Resources from Logos (Quotations and Prayers)

I thought I’d let you know about two resources that LOGOS just put out that could be helpful for preachers and teachers. I think that they offer a quick way to bring added depth to sermons. Here they are with a link to each of them…  300 Quotations for Preachers with Slides  Find precisely the [Read More...]

The Secret of Great Talks/Speeches/Presentations (TED)

[Read more...]