What a “Missional Community” is and isn’t: understanding the basics

In what follows, I’m sharing with you what I shared with our church plant Core Team last night. The following outline describes what a “Missional Community” is and what it isn’t. Now, I’m using this language for our context, so I’m not claiming to have the corner on the MC market (so to speak). Also, [Read More…]

Defining Sin in a Better Way: Shalom Disrupted

In this post, I want to briefly look at the issue of “sin.” It’s a word that many of us feel uncomfortable using as it has been utilized in ways that lean into legalism. With that said, it is a biblical concept so we do well not to simply throw it out. In order to [Read More…]

Pangea Communities and Mars Hill Compared (David Warkentin)

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from the Praxis Urban Discipleship program at Columbia Bible College. I love what this program represents: a year of urban theology and practice with the intention of creating space for students to discern their futures. Great stuff! David Warkentin, a fellow Anabaptist, runs [Read More…]

When God speaks, I listen… So why don’t you?

Hearing God. One of the great dillemas of the Christian life. Can we actually “hear God” and if so, what does that mean? Some believe, for instance that God only speaks through the Bible. In some extreme cases, this leads to a subtle form of bibliolotry (worship of the Bible instead of the God therewithin). [Read More…]