The God who cries when children die

“The history of our world is the history of our suffering together. Every act of evil extracts a tear from God, every plunge into anguish extracts a sob from God. But the history of our world is the history of our deliverance together. God’s work to release himself from his suffering is his work to [Read More...]

Shane Claiborne talks about “spiritual economics”

Shane Claiborne talks about “spiritual economics” A interview with Shane on declaring and living new economic models. [Read more...]

Which Scriptures shape your foundation?

Over the past year, I’ve connected with a fellow Anabaptist brotha, Marty Troyer. He is known online as the Peace Pastor and writes some killer (no pun intended) stuff! One article, he wrote for my blog, became one of the most popular guest articles on Pangea of all time (Indicting Violence: A Pacifist Review of [Read More...]

If I wasn’t Anabaptist, I’d probably become Anglican – Reflections on an ancient-future faith orientation

The more I’ve experienced the worship of high church liturgy, the more I’ve found myself caught up in the mystery of God’s love. I love the smells and bells of a Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican/Episcopal worship gathering. In fact, if I wasn’t Anabaptist… I’d probably become Anglican. [Read more...]