Hell Yes. Hell No! Or Who the Hell Cares? (4 – A Judgment Day Parable)

The following is part of a series on Hell, partially as a response to the Love Wins controversy.  To catch up, go here. As I stated in the first post, this section will be mostly based on Sharon Baker’s Razing Hell. ———————- Hell Yes. Hell No! Or Who the Hell Cares? Otto the Non-Believer at [Read More...]

Re-Imagining Being the Community of Jesus: Christ’s Body in Corinth – The Politics of a Metaphor

*The following is written by Lawrence Garcia For those on whom it is being imposed, “unity” can be an ominous word. After all, history has proven such words—unity, concord, and harmony—are usually employed ideologically by the social elite upon the marginal, a sort of rhetorical tool in the ideological tool belt of those situated at [Read More...]

Treat Them Like a Tax Collector: Reflections on Matthew 18, Church Discipline, and Andrew

Jesus offers a model for reconciliation in Matthew 18.15-17.  Often, these three verses are used for the opposite of this: alienation.  These words operate as a law in some settings, when in fact they are meant to give guidance toward restoring relationship. Over the past few days, Matthew Paul Turner hosted a series of blogs [Read More...]

The Real Face of Christian Community

*The following is a guest post Community … community … community. Everywhere you turn, inside and outside of the church, people are obsessed with talking about community.  This is a good thing insofar as it combats the individualistic tendencies of our society. When we stop thinking about the world as millions of autonomous selves and [Read More...]