Unwrapping Our Imaginations From The American Dream

From Common Prayer: South African pastor and bishop Peter Storey said, “American preachers have a task more difficult, perhaps, than those faced by us under South Africa’s apartheid, or Christians under Communism. We had obvious evils to engage; you have to unwrap your culture from years of red, white and blue myth. You have to [Read More...]

Official Christian Tablet Should Really Be Called Crap Android Tablet (Gizmodo)

FROM GIZMODO: Official Christian Tablet Should Really Be Called Crap Android Tablet H/T: Scot from Churchlandia (a blog you should subscribe to!) EXCERPT: A bookstore chain called Family Christian has taken a crappy Android tablet, slapped a new logo on it, and rebranded it as the Edifi—the world’s first Christian tablet! And what makes it [Read More...]

Moneyball Christians

Moneyball Christians By Jamie Boggs I love baseball.  I love playing it, I love watching it, and I even love studying it.  Being a math guy, I really appreciate all of the statistical implications involved in the game and how they play themselves out on the field.  You know what they say: “Numbers don’t lie.” [Read More...]

Becoming Great in the Social Sector (church)

The following is a book review/overview. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the concepts presented… In his book “Good to Great and the Social Sectors: why business thinking is not the answer,” Jim Collins begins with the provocative statement: “We must reject the idea–well–intentioned, but dead wrong–that the primary path to greatness in the [Read More...]