For the Love of Mumford: Learning about Love and Forgiveness

*The following originally appeared in Christian Leader and was used with the permission of the author. Buying the 2009 Mumford and Sons album Sigh No More was an incredibly foolish decision. It was an impulsebuy in the intoxicating halls of Amoeba Music, a purchase based on small snippets of these British folks rock songs I [Read More...]

Treat Them Like a Tax Collector: Reflections on Matthew 18, Church Discipline, and Andrew

Jesus offers a model for reconciliation in Matthew 18.15-17.  Often, these three verses are used for the opposite of this: alienation.  These words operate as a law in some settings, when in fact they are meant to give guidance toward restoring relationship. Over the past few days, Matthew Paul Turner hosted a series of blogs [Read More...]

GODZ BODZ Workout Video (hilarious!)

[Read more...]

The Reboot. Deleting Your Facebook Profile Each Year as a Spiritual Discipline

–The following is a guest post– Last year, I began a personal discipline/tradition based on the growing influence of social media on our daily lives. Once a year, I Reboot. Specifically, I enact the full deletion of my Facebook profile. Poof. Gone. And while for some that may seem insignificant, for me, a bonafide 21st [Read More...]