I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy!

Hilarious! [Read more...]

Halloween is Economically Hollowed… But Why? (Reflections on the Recession-Proof Holiday)

Yesterday on CNN, a guest was on a morning news program describing the current state of our economy during the recession.  To my surprise, there’s a day of the year that hasn’t struggled during our economic downfall: October 31st.  That’s right, Halloween actually been showing good numbers for the past several years.  The sort-of-holiday is [Read More...]

Pat Robertson, Divorce, Alzheimer’s, & a Bad Step Away from Fundamentalism?

Surprise surprise.  Christians once again have Pat Robertson to thank for a ridiculous comment.  Watch this video: [Read more...]

Lupe Fiasco on Peace & Violence: “The Words I Never Said”

Lupe Fiasco is one of my favorite hip hop artists. This song reflects many of my values when it comes to issue of peace (minus a short ninja scene ). He is not a Christian (as I think he might be a peaceful Muslim), but certainly reflects some of my values. WARNING: *Song contains a [Read More...]