The Reboot. Deleting Your Facebook Profile Each Year as a Spiritual Discipline

–The following is a guest post– Last year, I began a personal discipline/tradition based on the growing influence of social media on our daily lives. Once a year, I Reboot. Specifically, I enact the full deletion of my Facebook profile. Poof. Gone. And while for some that may seem insignificant, for me, a bonafide 21st [Read More…]

Snoopy Writes a Theology Book?

I thought this was awesome… so I share it with you all.  It was sent to me in an email [Read more…]

Taking the SEX out of Sex-mas!

Then one foggy Sex-mas Eve, Victoria came to say: Consumer with your eyes so wide, buy this bra and panties tonight. Twenty-year-old young women wearing unmentionables stare into the camera saying: “Tell me you love me.  Tell me you want me.  Excite me.”  Getting your yuletide jollies yet? Let’s be honest: the girls in the [Read More…]

Cussing Christians: Why I’m with Mark Driscoll on this one

Mark Driscoll gets this one right. Seriously. In my opinion, we ought to have the freedom to use language contextually and not be bound by religiosity. That doesn’t mean that we ought to cuss like a sailor, but words have power… even what our culture considers offensive. (To be clear, I don’t often agree with [Read More…]