Lupe Fiasco on Peace & Violence: “The Words I Never Said”

Lupe Fiasco is one of my favorite hip hop artists. This song reflects many of my values when it comes to issue of peace (minus a short ninja scene ). He is not a Christian (as I think he might be a peaceful Muslim), but certainly reflects some of my values. WARNING: *Song contains a [Read More...]

Paul, Blogging, and the Letter to the Galatians (Lawrence Garcia)

I have read the Apostle Paul long enough to know that if he were alive today he would be a serious blogger, seizing every opportunity to advance his Gospel, be it by letter or internet. The reason I make such an assertion in the first place is not just to tickle the imagination, but to [Read More...]

How Technology Shapes Our Faith – Shane Hipps Video

I love it when Shane Hipps talk about technology. This is a great talk! [Read more...]

Redneck Preacha Remix

Here’s the original video that will give this a bit of context. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should watch it before you listen to this remix. Enjoy! [Read more...]