Islamic Cultural Center and Fundamentalists Christian Exegetes of the Koran

In the past weeks, we have heard everything from: pastors having Koran burning ceremonies (source: James-Michael Smith), to Christians being up in arms about an Islamic Cultural Center being built near “Ground Zero” (source: Chad Holtz). I can understand why fear has gripped many within the American church and why some concerns about ‘radical Islam’ [Read More...]

Amazing Video on Human Empathy as First Impulse (Science)

This is an interesting video. Not sure I agree with every nuance, but wow… some useful perspective. Not sure that I consider religion a “fiction” but that is beyond the point. Any thoughts?… Also, check out my friend, Jonathan Brink’s blog where he explores this in a bit more detail! [Read more...]

Watch This… I Laughed So Hard I Cried!!!!! (Antoine Dodson, Web Sensation)

I want to introduce you to internet sensation Antoine Dodson.  His videos will make your heart smile!  Now, the reason behind this original news story is sad, but what came out of it is quite possibly the most hilarious thing you will see all month.  Take five minutes or so and watch the three following [Read More...]

Scrapping the Offering from our Worship Gatherings (Guest Post: Al Molineaux)

What a cool thing it is to connect with so many people, from so many places, and with so many perspectives.  I want to hear from others, about how God is at work in their own theological, philosophical, cultural, and social ethics journey.  For contribution opportunities, go here.  I personally do not endorse everything that [Read More...]