GODZ BODZ Workout Video (hilarious!)

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The Reboot. Deleting Your Facebook Profile Each Year as a Spiritual Discipline

–The following is a guest post– Last year, I began a personal discipline/tradition based on the growing influence of social media on our daily lives. Once a year, I Reboot. Specifically, I enact the full deletion of my Facebook profile. Poof. Gone. And while for some that may seem insignificant, for me, a bonafide 21st [Read More…]

Snoopy Writes a Theology Book?

I thought this was awesome… so I share it with you all.  It was sent to me in an email [Read more…]

Taking the SEX out of Sex-mas!

Then one foggy Sex-mas Eve, Victoria came to say: Consumer with your eyes so wide, buy this bra and panties tonight. Twenty-year-old young women wearing unmentionables stare into the camera saying: “Tell me you love me.  Tell me you want me.  Excite me.”  Getting your yuletide jollies yet? Let’s be honest: the girls in the [Read More…]