I’d Love To Speak At Your Next Event! AKA, My Other Passion

Dear Reader… I’m truly blessed by all of you who read the Pangea Blog on a regular basis.  Some of you have been walking this journey with me for a couple of years now, and others perhaps for weeks or months.  Whatever the connection may be, I truly appreciate you allowing me to enter into [Read More…]

Dear Reader: Pangea Moving to Patheos!

Dear Reader… In a great turn of events, I’ve been invited to move to Patheos as a hosted blogger for their network.  This is really exciting for multiple reasons. The chance to collaborate with some excellent bloggers who belong to this network.  I will be part of two Patheos portals, both the evangelical and progressive [Read More…]

Dear Reader: Dealing With The Uninspired Self (Days When I Feel "Blah")

Dear Reader… Do you ever have days when you just feel “blah?”  Nothing motivates you to go change the world.  To do the things that you love, seem laborious.  To do the things that you hate, feels worse than they usually would. For me, the things I love include reading, studying, and writing.  The things [Read More…]

Dear Reader… Thinking Out Loud about Biblical Inspiration

Dear Reader… Today I want to do some thinking “out loud” about this question: What is so important about inerrancy? It seems to me that people want to hold on so tightly to this word, but that such a term is not helpful because it is often used dogmatically.  But before I get to that [Read More…]