Dear Reader… First Post At a New Site!

Dear reader… If you are reading this, you are part of a wonderful group of folks who are journeying with me towards “new heavens and new earth” in the blogsophere for some time now. We have been together on the “Groans” site for quite some time, but today marks a new phase in my blogging [Read More…]

Dear Reader… Deconstructing Religion, part 2 (A conversation between friends)

Yesterday I posted my “Dear Reader… Deconstructing Religion– Moving Beyond in and out” and have had multiple responses.  Mostly positive, but one that was a bit skeptical made me realize that I ought to give you a bit more context on the concept of Centered vs Bounded sets in ethics.  My exploration of this was [Read More…]

Dear Reader… Deconstructing Religion – Moving Beyond "in" & "out"

Dear Reader… Growing up, I was taught that there are certain ‘things’ that a person has to do to earn favor with God. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t watch certain movies… don’t! In other words, a large part of Christian discipleship was focused on the negation of ‘things’ rather than the freedom that comes from [Read More…]

Dear Reader… "Wrestling" With Nonviolence

Dear Reader, There is an area of theology that I have wrestled with in new ways for the past four years or so: war and peace.  I have a friend who pushed back on areas of nationalism and just-war theory for quite some time, and it seems that we have found consensus in the last [Read More…]