Entering the "Missional/ Pomo/ Emerging/ Younger Evangelical/ Red Letter Christians /New Monastic" Conversation

UPDATE!!!!! JAN 29, 09: I realized this morning that I had accidentally failed to put a book on the list, that in my opinion is going to become quite important to the conversation. I would put it somewhere towards the beginning of the list, as it gives a great introduction into several of the themes [Read More...]

Postmodern Biblical Authority? Continuing the Conversations…

I recently have stumbled across some friends in the blogosphere that have been discussing my article that was published on The Ooze website called: Postmodern Biblical Authority? The first that I came across was a finely written affirmation/ critique at this address: http://coldfire.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/two-voices-of-christianity-critiqued/#comment-760 The second seems to be written in German. I will attempt to [Read More...]

Is the Bible a Meta-Narrative?

This is another section of a seminary paper I wrote titled: “Postmodern Biblical Authority?” You can check out the section on deconstruction a few posts back to catch up… Lyotard: Incredulity Toward Metanarratives In 1979, Jean-Francois Lyotard published a book titled, The Postmodern Condition. This contains his most famous quote: “Simplifying to the extreme, I [Read More...]

The Demon of Deconstruction?

The following is an excerpt from a short seminary paper I wrote that deals with biblical authority from a postmodern critique… Derrida: Nothing Outside the Text Jacques Derrida was a twentieth century philosopher who is famous for stating: “There is nothing outside the text.”[1] For many, this has been a difficult statement to deal with [Read More...]