Is preaching nonviolence bad for evangelism?

Many in the evangelical realm, especially pastors and lay leaders committed to church growth, believe that proclaiming the revolutionary vision of nonviolence and Kingdom allegiance is antithetical to evangelism. In other words, some folks (with good intentions) worry that emphasizing an Anabaptist (peace and justice) ethic might make the Gospel unattractive in our American context. [Read More...]

When the Loch Ness Monster makes Christians look ridiculous

HT: The American Jesus All I can say is “wow.” Then, I invite you to consider my series on Evolution: “Evolving Evangelicalism – Inviting the church to refine its approach to Scripture and origins“ Loch Ness Monster seen as real dinosaur in biology books taught in Louisiana school By Erik Ortiz / NEW YORK DAILY [Read More...]

Is Obama an Evangelical? Christianity Today Debates

source: Christianity Today Excerpt from — “Barack Obama: Evangelical-in-Chief?” by Judd Birdsall (read the whole article by linking here) The 2012 campaign has placed evangelicals in a paradox. A recent PRRI/RNS poll reveals that white evangelicals support a Mormon presidential candidate over Obama by an overwhelming 49% margin, but are simultaneously the religious group most [Read More...]

Are You *Prophetic* or *Pathetic* in Christian Witness? (in less than 300 words)

There are good ways and bad ways to go about making change happen in the church. Some opt toward some approaches that humbly push the people of God to become more like Jesus in our 21st century context. These are the prophets of our day. Some are known through books and speaking engagements and several [Read More...]